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Chapter Jethro And Caleb. Pharaoh did not welcome the pre- Exodus advice provided by Jethro about the growing Israelite problem, banning the priest Jethro- Reuel in disgrace to Midia, 26 which was ample motive for Jethro to have helped Moses prepare for his return to Egypt. Chapter Nimrod. E, when his men overran the Sumerian homeland.

According to Josephus, Nimrod was a great leader of the people of Shinar after the flood. Was there was an unexplained, early schism Chapter The Tower At Babel. It is likely Nimrod must have been sympathetic to the Nephilim and their followers, when one considers the kind of government Nimrod imposed like that of Gibborim and Nephilim , alongside the mystical, pagan religion of Hermes, which Nimrod further imposed on the people of Shinar.

I, therefore, conclude that Nimrod was lamenting over his fallen, idolized demigods and the descendants of Cain, not his own ancestry dating back to Seth. The new doctrines included the promises of renewed enlightenment, the He is celebrated as a great Mason, 3 who applied his trade as he pleased.

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Not only was Nimrod a great Mason, but also he was the Grand Master, 4 the leader of the new cult. Nimrod, in fact, was the first Masonic Grand Master for the postdiluvian world.

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Chapter Forging The Nation of Destiny. Within the Exodus miracle rest obscure keys to unlocking little- understood Nephilim bloodlines and the mystery of the apparent barbaric slaughter of unsuspecting nations.

Atlan - South (Tales of the Ancient Ancestors)

The land of milk and honey promised to Moses by God was comprised of hostile Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and the Jebusites, 1 all who were infested with Nephilim. Historians and theologians always seemingly overlook or dismiss the Nephilim presence when they examine this staggering turning point of history. Further secular historians dismiss the Exodus Chapter The Nephilim Wars. Amorites strategically controlled all the essential mountain roads branching from the spine that ran down the center of the mountain range. This then positioned the Amorites, who lived west of the Jordan in Samaria Ephraim , known today as Syria, and in northern Judah.

Chapter The Holy Covenant. Israel was dictated a very clear and comprehensive set of instructions, bound into the Holy Covenant through Moses, regarding the conquest. Should Israel have completely fulfilled their obligations to the Covenant, they would have received the full part of the blessings of the Covenant that included full possession of all the lands promised to Abraham, along with unheard- of prosperity.

Chapter Jericho. The Israelites did not just assault this legendary city of old, with its mythical walls of extraordinary height and strength. No, the Israelites, led by Joshua and the Ark of the Covenant, were instructed to march around that great, fortified city of old with all of their armed personnel once a day for six consecutive days, with only seven priests permitted to blow loudly on their trumpets. The army of Israel was instructed not to say a word during this Chapter Curse Of The Amalekites.

The nation most influenced by the aboriginal Nephilim, the Amalekites, did not engage Israel in war once Israel was completely prepared for war, at the time of the conquest, even though they were the most instrumental nation in stirring the other nations to conspire to war against the Israelites. This was not and could not have been a coincidence. Nor was it a coincidence that the Amalekites first attacked the Israelites when they were the most vulnerable, at the beginning Chapter King Saul And David.

God instructed that when this rest came about and the people demanded a king like other nations, the monarch must be an Israelite and not a foreigner of any sort, the monarchs should not accumulate great wealth, and they should not return to Egypt. The kings were not to be polygamists, nor were they to consider themselves greater than any other Israelite.

The kings were to make a copy of these laws and read every day; only then would the Chapter David And Goliath. Philistines represented the greatest militaristic threat to Israel, preventing Israel to that time from achieving an age of peace, where they could build their dream, manifested in what later became the first temple. It was no coincidence that the Nephilim- led Philistines were such a formidable military force or that they harbored such a bloodthirsty oath against the Israelites.

The other antagonizing nations, such as the Jebusites and Moabites, were not a match militarily for the then hardened Israelites, but Chapter The Avvites. David was indeed the tenth- century B. Apiru strongman who emerged from Hebron to capture Jerusalem, an event which was recorded in the Armana Letters. This elite band of deadly commandos was indeed the very same band of treasonous cutthroats despised by the We are the same beings with the same weaknesses and frailties that our earliest biblical ancestors possessed.

This may come as a direct challenge to modern theologies, such as the New Age movement or other pantheistic religions, including Gnosticism and the secular religion of evolution, but it is true. It is for these reasons we study history. We study history to learn of our mistakes so that we might avert the mistakes of our forefathers. We have all heard the Chapter The New Man.

Our civilization is standing at the precipice of unknown disaster, teetering at the hands of our own intelligence, but we do not perceive the danger.

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We only perceive the paradoxical opportunities of false hope. We have spawned a world intoxicated with unrestricted employment of our arrogance.

All advancements are double- edged swords that can cut in the direction of good or in the direction of evil. Just as the science of splitting the atom gave us tremendous sources of energy, This is the ancient, mystic dogma of Gnosis and enlightenment. It is the future resolution to the incident at Eden, where Eve, and then Adam, ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Gnosis and Knowledge, whereby they unwittingly chose independence for humankind.

All this is part of the revenge plot of Satan to Chapter The Sign Of Noah. Jesus prophesied circumstances that would parallel the days of Noah. God did not promise to never punish humankind again; He only promised not to judge the earth with water again. Humankind will be judged once more, this time by fire, just as Sodom Chapter The Godless Generation. We are the same as our impious and independent antediluvian ancestors, who refused to honor God for all things. Indeed, if we were not approaching the last days, I am certain uncountable criminal investigations would have already been initiated.

Serious reprimands would already have been dispensed, publicly punishing the powerful and seemingly paradoxical left wing and fascist academia. Fascism began as a nationalistic, totalitarian, right- wing belief system, but one must remember Nazi Fascism national socialism was a mutation of Chapter Babylon City. Illicit knowledge and power stemming from the authority of the religion enabled Nimrod to usurp absolute power over the united people of Shinar.

It is through this lens that we must critically examine our Terminal Generation. Babylon is the figurative term confused by so many with regard to end- time prophecy. The confusion stems mostly from ignorance of how to define the context to the allegory. Those who confuse what the end- time Babylon will be generally err on the The first Nostradamas Antichrist figure was Napoleon, while the third and last Antichrist figure will be the Beast of Scripture. The coveted Nazi reign, of course, was the elusive, Chapter The False Prophet.

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The beast with two horns like a lamb Rev is the little- known False Prophet; he will lead the future religion of Babylon. And the dragon represents Satan. The beast with two horns like a lamb symbolizes a spurious Christian leader, for this scurrilous beast speaks like a dragon, marking its true nature. This beast speaks the doctrine of Babylon, the pantheistic theology first introduced in the age of dragons and Nephilim. This forthcoming Babylon will cleverly cloak itself Chapter The Disciples Of Light. The evolution to godhood dictates that the discipline in reason and logic is essential, similar to the New Age- like aliens memorialized as Vulcans in Star Trek.

The true God is established as the alleged oppressor, who tries to keep humankind under the oppressive bondage of ignorance for His own oppressive desires. Meanwhile, Lucifer is the god of light, who freed humans from ignorance so that they might achieve godhood.

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Lucifer is transformed into a god of light and knowledge, Chapter The Alien Phenomena. Since the dawn of the Space Age, public perceptions and opinions have reached critical mass, and statistics suggest that more than 50 percent now believe alien life forms both exist and interrelate with us on a regular basis. In less than one complete generation, we have become voluntarily predisposed to accepting an inevitable, formal encounter with alien beings from around the universe, where we then will take our rightfully reserved chair at the table of governing galactic species, just as Expect to witness ever more spiritual guides and spiritual encounters.

Demons and fallen angels masquerading as angels of light will continue to deceive at an increasing rate through visions and contacts.

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They will pass on more and more spiritual enlightenment as humankind draws closer to its destined ascension to a higher plane. Anticipate more and more New Age and Eastern spiritual leaders taking center stage; all will be guided by their spiritual guides, the ill- famed Avatars of Theosophy and Although the true Antichrist has been reserved specifically for the preordained times by the true God, the last three- and- one- half years of the seven- year tribulation, 1 this has not prevented the forces of evil from endeavoring to introduce the false messiah from the beginning.

The ultimate objective for spurious forces Chapter The New Nimrod. The whole purpose, as witnessed by Revelation, for all the world empires is for them to hand authority over to the false messiah. Progressive liberalism, globalization, and world government all lead to the Antichrist; this doctrine is simple, straightforward, and startling.

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The Antichrist will form what is prophesied to be the eighth empire on the back of the seventh empire. Chapter The Rapture Tragedy. The book of 2 Thessalonians records, defines, and reveals what will happen. The passage cannot be separated for convenient interpretation, just as the Nephilim narrative cannot be separated from the flood narrative. The revealing of the Antichrist clearly includes the rebellion, the abomination, and the mark of the Beast. It is not the signing of the covenant. I clearly understand that my position is contentious among Christians, but this is also the point!

Chapter Adonai. The Hebrew letter d is the counterpart to the Egyptian letter t, while the Hebrew letter o is the counterpart to the Egyptian letter e, thereby establishing Adon as the Egyptian version of the god Aten. Chapter The Jerusalem Church. Paul is described as the one who corrupted the religion of What is the civilization-shattering secret Rex Deus apparently protects?

Gnostics proclaim that Jesus then married Mary Magdalene, and they begat at least two children.