Blood of the Vikings - 4 (The Peterson Brothers)

PETE PETERSON. Thy Brother’s Blood
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The court went on to write:. In Goulart , the defendant spanked his 12 year old daughter with his bare hand, and whipped her using a woven nylon dog leash after she failed to do the dishes. The whipping and spanking resulted in welts, bruising and red marks on the child's buttocks which were photographed by the police. The jury heard testimony in which family witnesses testified that the child was slapped in the face, grabbed by the neck, spanked, and hit with the leash. The testimony also included, in part, the following facts:. The jury rejected his argument, and found that he committed the crime of Injury to a Child.

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The defendant was sentenced to two years in jail. He appealed, arguing that the evidence was not sufficient to support his conviction, and that he had a right as a parent to to reasonably discipline his daughter.

If a similar jury were to evaluate the facts of the Peterson case, it's likely that they will similarly find him guilty. Both of these cases suggest that the gray area, or the close line that some commentators believe exists in Texas between lawful punishment and unlawful abuse is simply not relevant to this case. If paddling a child six times or whipping a child with a nylon leash are criminal offenses, then beating a 4 year old on the legs, buttocks and scrotum with a stick, certainly qualifies.

If Peterson's alleged conduct is proven true, it is not a close call, and it is not a borderline case it is criminal conduct, and he should go to jail. As a supplement to my piece, I thought I would add this excerpt from the Texas Attorney General's page which provides guidance about when an attempt at discipline becomes abuse, they write :.

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Professor Gregory S. He is a nationally recognized commentator and a frequent keynote Gregory S. Adrian Peterson should go to jail, should not be allowed near children, and should no longer be a player in the NFL. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson's alleged beating of his son with a tree branch is indefensible conduct that likely violates Texas law. Charles Barkley, commenting on the case went further and said : I'm from the South. Initially she did bend over, but moved as he raised his hand to swing the leash.

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In her statement she claims that she was so scared she could not bend over and that Goulart hit her with the leash on various parts of her body. Goulart kept telling her to bend over and finally pulled her onto the couch where he struck her several times upon the buttocks with his hand. At this point her mother tried to put the leash away, but Goulart took the leash and again struck her on the buttocks two times. He admits that he probably hit other parts of her body because she was moving and blocking him. He claimed that, when he forced [the child] to look up at him, he grabbed her chin but she flinched which caused him to grab her neck. It was Goulart's testimony that he was only trying to discipline [the child] and that he had no intention of giving her bruises. The jury saw photographs of [the victim's] marks, bruises, and welts. They heard members of the family testify about the events which took place and were also able to read the statements made at the time of the incident. They were able to consider the normal routine used for discipline by the family and to compare it with the events which took place during this particular occurrence. He has so much common sense and so much knowledge and is so intelligent, everything he says makes sense.

As he sat in his office a little more than a week after the NFL Draft, Spielman reflected on the impact that Studwell has each spring as the Vikings prepare to bring in a new crop of talent. Yes, almost 30 years after playing his final snap for the Vikings, Studwell has still had a hand in shaping the organization.

While he hung up his cleats after the season, he only went away for a few months before he was hired on June 1, , in a hybrid role as a quality control coach and player development specialist. But he quickly found his niche as a scout. The evaluation piece of watching tape and watching film was some of the easy stuff. That was probably the biggest challenge, trying to balance the new professional career with my life at home.


By the time Studwell was in the second part of his Vikings career, he had been married to Jenny for seven years. And even as the couple eventually had three children, Jenny Studwell said the family stuck together, despite the demands of road trips, long nights and missed moments that a scout endures. I think it was hardest on him though. He has played a role in helping the Vikings draft players between through , scouting iconic players such as Randy Moss, Adrian Peterson and Harrison Smith. And of the nearly players that were drafted in Minnesota over the past 28 years, 14 of the picks have combined for 30 All-Pro honors, 28 have garnered 63 Pro Bowl honors, and 24 have been named to All-Rookie Teams.

Naturally, as Studwell honed his scouting skills and moved up through the organization, other teams began sniffing around to try and lure him away from Minnesota.

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Each time, the answer was the same. When I first came here 20 years ago, for the first number of years I was here, we would get inquiries for Stud to interview for general manager jobs around the league. Jenny Studwell would also hear the news that teams wanted her husband to come lead their front offices and try to shape football teams.

This is home for me. As the Vikings linebacker navigated through his retirement speech, he seemed to thank countless coaches, teammates and family members. But he made sure to spend some time talking about one of the best people in the entire state of Minnesota. Then I looked him up and I realized exactly who he was. Yes, Studwell is respected as a linebacker and a scout, but he is admired for the way he treats people. When Studwell went on the road for this fall, he invited Kleine along for her first scouting trip.

Always one to sprinkle some fun into the trip, Studwell made sure they caught a Chicago Cubs game and took some time to relax along the way. Kleine said she cherishes the car rides and the conversations with Studwell, and noted how other scouts grew sentimental on his farewell tour. At each school, regional scouts would voice their appreciation to Studwell for his friendship over the years. And before the linebackers ran the yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, the group on the field honored Studwell for his contributions to the game.

Besides the fact of him being an incredible player and an incredible scout, he is a Minnesota Viking and exemplifies what a Viking is. If you are going through some things, he will call anybody and make time for them. So many people know him, and know him well. Everyone is going to miss him because of the person he is and the friend he is.

Spielman struggled to contain himself and choked up numerous times at the podium. When he was done, he stepped to the side and embraced Studwell in a lengthy hug. He was predeceased by his parents, two sisters, Carol Payne and Kathy Dunaway, and several aunts and uncles. A memorial service will be held at 11 a. Saturday, July 21, at the Frewsburg Alliance Church. The family will receive friends from 4 to 6 p. Panama, passed away Friday, Jun. She attended the Ellery Baptist Church and had a personal relationship with Jesus her savior, and is in his presence for eternity.

Sis was an avid reader and writer and assisted in an after school program where she influenced many children.

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Follow the tale of twin brothers and their families in Florida and Texas as they experience life's ups and downs. The next thrilling sequel in this family tale. Re:blood of the vikings 4 the peterson brothers. Blood of the Vikings - 4 The Peterson Brothers Dr Henry Lees Forensic Files Five Famous Cases Scott Peterson.

Sis enjoyed history, comedy, old movies, and had a great memory for recalling things in detail. She had a beautiful soul and would always go out of her way to help anyone in need. She was a mentor, a mother, a best friend, the equalizer and keystone to her family. She could watch jeopardy and call out answers even before the contestants could. The insurmountable amount of wisdom, joy and love she had can only be compared to something angelic.

She was predeceased by her father and maternal and paternal grandparents. Steven Malanowski, pastor of Ellery Baptist Church will officiate. The family will receive friends from 4 to7 p. Thursday and one hour prior to the service on Friday. Memorials may be made to the Panama Fire Dept. Marcia L. Johnson, 74, of 25 Cherry St. Frewsburg, passed away Wednesday Jun.