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Striped bass have an elongated body. Their color ranges from dark olive above through silvery sides to a white belly. Horizontal black stripes originate behind the head and extend to the tail.

Betty Lake – High Mountain Cutthroats

Ten to 15 pound fish are common, with 30 to pound-plus fish landed occasionally. Heavy bait-casting and spin-casting outfits with 15 to 25 pound test line are used to fish for striped bass. Trolling, drift fishing and deep jigging are the usual methods of fishing. Large feathered or plastic jig combinations, spoons and crankbaits can be used as lures. Black crappies are covered with dark, irregular blotches and have seven dorsal spines. Minnows and other small fish are favored foods, but black crappies also eat crustaceans and insects. They are found in rivers and streams, swamps, tidal creeks, small lakes and large impoundments.

Fishing techniques center on light spin-casting rods and reels using tiny jigs and small crank baits that imitate minnows.

Fisherman’s Glossary: Lingo You’ll Need To Know On The Water

Photo: AJ Schroetlin. Trolling, drift fishing and deep jigging are the usual methods of fishing. In fact, the state Division of Wildlife collects trout eggs to boost the trout stock of the state. The narrow upper section of the river lies surrounded by incredible mountain wildlife and yields the best and biggest fish. Being successful in catching fish takes planning and flexibility. Located on the Colorado River 5 miles from the town of Granby, the lake is a less-crowded alternative to the tourist traffic of Grand Lake. The private stretch of water on the property is more of a meandering creek than the name Big Laramie River implies, but the fish are there and waiting in aptly named holes such as the Aquarium.

Best live baits are small to medium size minnows. Rainbow trout have a back that is olive-green with a silvery cast on its sides fading to a silvery white belly. A pinkish or light rosy red band extends from its cheek to near the tail. Native to the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, rainbow trout favor fast flowing streams but also thrive in lakes, where they can grow to enormous size. Rainbows will hit dry flies, wet flies, nymphs, small spinners, and spoons, as well as worms, minnows and salmon eggs.

Berkeley Power Baits that give off a scent and can be shaped on the hook are used extensively by knowledgeable rainbow trout anglers.

10 Fantastic Fishing Spots in Colorado

Largest member of the perch family, walleyes avoid bright sunlight, choosing to lie in deep or shaded cover during daylight hours. They move onto bars and reefs near the shallows to feed at night. Foods include small fish, insect larvae, crayfish and other aquatic animals.

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In some instances, walleyes will be active during daylight hours if it is overcast or the lake is turbid, which cuts down on light penetration. Walleyes prefer waters that are cool, particularly near ledges, large rocks, underwater islands, logs, the edges of aquatic vegetation beds and along old riverbed channels. When fishing for walleye, try minnows, nightcrawlers, spinners and deep-running crankbaits.

Walleyes can be caught still fishing with live minnows, as well as by trolling.

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Slow retrieves produce the best results since walleyes generally move slower than do other game species. Delicious to eat, the best fish dinner I ever had was walleye at a restaurant in Wall, South Dakota, across the street from the legendary Wall Drug. Catfish order Siluriformes are a diverse group. Named for their prominently displayed "barbels," which are slender, whiskerlike sensory organs located on the head, cats are found in freshwater environments of most kinds, with species found on every continent except Antarctica. There is an incredibly ugly looking saltwater variety of catfish, the name of which I have long since forgotten, but I know it exists because I once snagged one while fishing for speckled trout in the Gulf of Mexico.

Catfish lack scales but do possess a strong hollow ray in their dorsal and pectoral fins, through which a stinging protein can be delivered when the fish is irritated. The diet of catfish consists of insects, larvae, small fish, frogs, freshwater mollusks, and seeds carried in water.

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Although trolling minnow-imitating lures does occasionally catch catfish, Chicken livers, shrimp, nightcrawlers, red worms, fish belly strips and stink baits are all used as catfish bait. When boat fishing, try to anchor above a known catfish hotspot for their precise location, inquire at Colorado River bait shops. Catfish congregate around underwater mounds. Cast and retrieve slowly. Your rod tip will bend as you drag your sinker up the side of a mound. When the rod tip straightens, you are, more than likely, on the ridge of a mound.

Prepare for a strike as you slowly work your bait down the side. Catfish are slow eaters, so be patient before setting your hook.

Whether your preference is fishing from a boat, a shore or wading, anglers fishing Colorado River waters regularly take home their limit of fish. Being successful in catching fish takes planning and flexibility. If nothing else, witnessing the sunrise or sunset is reason enough to be on the water. Remember to keep only those fish you intend to have for dinner. Take an extra trash bag along to pick up garbage if the fishing is slow. The colloquial term for a saltwater catfish is a hardhead.

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Use these Colorado fishing tips

It's Free. The Saguaro Video The Saguaro often begins life in the shelter of a "nurse" tree or shrub which can provide a shaded, moister habitat for the germination of life. The Saguaro grows very slowly -- perhaps an inch a year -- but to a great height, 15 to 50 feet. Desert Food Chain Video A food chain constitutes a complex network of organisms, from plants to animals, through which energy, derived from the sun, flows in the form of organic matter and dissipates in the form of waste heat. Prickly pear cactus Video Prickly pear cactus are found in all of the deserts of the American Southwest.

Most prickly pears have large spines on their stems and vary in height from less than a foot to 6 or 7 feet. Toggle navigation. Hoover Dam Throughout human history, mankind has built monuments to its ingenuity and skill. Are you interested in the temperatures in the desert? Chatfield Reservoir in Littleton, Colorado provides the best all around experience for this type of fishing. On these trips, the emphasis is not on quantity but rather quality. Our best lake of choice for this type of fishing is Aurora Reservoir in Aurora, Colorado home of the state record Smallmouth!! I will gladly discuss each and every trip with you just so you know what to expect before our trip. I offer a wide range of trips for all skill levels. We can take the whole family out and fish for your dinner. I do it all and I cater to every skill level. There are many lakes, rivers and streams close to the Metro Denver area with eager Rainbow and Brown Trout.

Whatever you are looking to accomplish, I will make sure you have the best experience here in Colorado! We will primarily be fishing nearby Chatfield Reservoir as well as Aurora and Quincy Reservoirs we can discuss in detail the difference between both lakes and choose the best fit for your group!