Geheimnisvoller Kosmos: Astrophysik und Kosmologie im 21. Jahrhundert (German Edition)

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In particular, the special topic of this year will be the recent developments and extensions of Einstein's theory of general relativity, which was discovered years ago. The keynote speakers of this year's edition include Heino Falcke, Subir Sarkar and Erik Verlinde, in addition to a number of national and local speakers.

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You have to register separately for these classes, and there is a limited number of places available. Please register if you are planning to come; we look forward to having you over in Groningen! The main result is the solution of the angular part of the Dirac equation in the geometry of the five dimensional Myers-Perry black hole with equal angular momenta. The Speaker will begin to introduce the formalism and fix the notation for the Dirac equation in curved spacetimes.

After that the Speaker briefly consider the Dirac equation in the geometry of the Kerr black hole. The decoupled Dirac equation of Chandrasekhar is reproduced using a method from the literature. A minimal example is constructed and some physical interpretations are discussed.

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One set of special solutions to the angular equations is derived. Next is the Dirac equation in the geometry of the five dimensional Myers-Perry black hole with equal angular momenta. Again, the equations are decoupled using a method from the literature. A minimal example is constructed with which some physical interpretations are discussed.

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The angular equations are solved. The last part involves possible future work. A possible condition for physical solutions to the complete equations considered before is discussed. The Dirac equation in the Myers-Perry black hole geometry with equal angular momenta in any uneven dimension is formulated. The Thesis deals with general-relativistic ray optics in a plasma.

In particular, the Sachs equations for light bundles in a plasma are derived and a brief outlook on possible applications to cosmology is given. The talk will be in Englisch. University of Bielefeld, Lecture Hall 10 When: A big challenge of modern astrophysics is understanding the origin of radio emission spread over the volume of some galaxy cluster.

This emission is a mystery because it requires relativistic electrons moving around magnetic field lines, but both the origin of the magnetic fields and of the electrons are unknown. At the same time, the new eROSITA X-ray satellite is going to provide us with a wealth of new data on the most distant and less massive galaxy clusters and groups. In this talk, I will review our current knowledge about magnetic fields and cosmic ray particle sin galaxy clusters, and I will illustrate the potential of the new generation of radio instruments to answer the many open questions about the origin and evolution of magnetic fields an cosmic rays.

Present and future experiments aim to distinguish between a cosmological constant, a dark energy fluid, and modifications of gravity. Most modified gravity models involve at least one scalar field coupled to matter. An environmental dependance eventually leads to a screening mechanism suppressing long-range fifth force effects in galaxies, in the solar system and in laboratory experiments.

Three possible screening mechanisms have been proposed: In this seminar, I will focus on chameleon and K-mouflage models. After a description of the scalar field dynamics in different contexts, and of the linear cosmological perturbations, I will give a review of the cosmological, astrophysical, and laboratory constraints that can be set on chameleon and K-mouflage models, including constraints from Lunar Laser Ranging and from atom-interferometry experiments.

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Kai Zuber. On the otherhand fossil fuel technology drives the climate change to athreatening level. Other Editions 6. Search Wiley Online Library. Geheimnisvoller Kosmos - Astrophysik und Kosmologie im

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The Cryosphere publication Database Risbey, J. Rolinski, S. Rosenzweig, C. Rousi, E. Rufin, P. Saeed, F. Schaphoff, S. Schleussner, C. Schmidt, S.

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