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Description From A to Z-acquisition editor to zap fiction-"Necessary Words for Writers "provides a thorough reference guide that defines and describesthe words and vocabulary most often used in the publishing industry. Like a one-on-one, writer-to-writer conversation, author Donna Lee Andersonmakes sense of this jargon-filled world.

Synopsis, outline, query, red line, blue line, and deadline may be common words in the English language, but they have certain, distinct meanings in the sometimes-complicated publishing arena. From queries to manuscripts, this reference will help writers more easily negotiate in the publishing industry. A reference book that puts all the ""Necessary Words for Writers ""in one place! In simple, direct language, D.

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Anderson explains the vocabulary associated with each step along the road to publication and gives specific examples to provide additional clarification of unusual and confusing terms. Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. I couldn't afford to hire an editor but I did trade critiquing with a talented friend. And I landed an agent.

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So it can be done one way or another, but I'd never submit a ms without someone qualified looking it over. Hiring a professional editor is a good idea, but How do you know a good one when you find one? How do you know what is a fair price? Can you afford it? Will you get your money's worth, and how will you ever know? Having unbiased eyes read your manuscript is essential, though. You need nitpickers as well as people who can see the holes in your plot. And as difficult as it can be, you should be your own critic.

Do the spell check. Don't get enthralled with your own story line. Make believe it's someone else's work and fix everything you can before showing to someone else. Then after you see their comments, evaluate them, because they could be wrong. Don't blindly accept every suggestion.

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See System Requirements. The lamp shades are white. The school bus pulled up out front and the boy got on. Try and pull the same stunt on every shot, though, and your opponent -- reader boredom — will yawn and blast the ball back down your baseline. Consider collaborating with your children on the writing of your fiction. Getting A Book Published.

Bob, as I told J Kaye, you request a sample at the level of editing you need and let the editor do a few pages to a chapter for you - then you can judge how well they did. Also, get a list of references - other books and authors they have edited. Editors are expensive, but you can get the most out of your money by making sure your manuscript is as good as you can make it before you get an editor involved.

I use the AutoCrit Editing Wizard as part of my process. It finds things that I've missed. It definitely makes my manuscript better Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. Good editing and proofreading is an absolute must no matter what way people decide to publish. What a great post, Diane. I see many people here who left comments about finding a good editor LOL -- It is so much more important than most people realize to have their work professionally edited.

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As you and others said, it can mean a big difference in book sales and reputation. Great advice.

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I'll be keeping this in mind for the future. This is good advice.

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I've never paid for an editor. My critique group has went over my stories and have been very helpful. I've seen books self published that should have been edited before publishing. I think we need to just scrape up the money and find a good editor if we want our book to be it's best.

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Hiring an editor is something all writers need to consider. I teach classes on publishing and promoting and encourage every writer to hire a professional book editor. If you decide to self-publish, it will be your reputation at stake. Skipping this vital step may mean the difference between success and failure in terms of book sales and your status as a quality author. The 1 complaint about self-published books is the poor editing. I also encourage those submitting their manuscripts to publishers to hire an editor.

You are too close to the manuscript and will miss some typographical errors. You need a professional with fresh eyes to proof your work. They also make sure that your plot is solid with no unexplained parts that would detract from the story.


They make sure that your character remains steady and consistent. They double check to make sure that your people act consistently.

What's that saying? Only a fool reprsents themself? Something like that.

Most will do a chapter for free, so you can get an idea if you are getting your money's worth. Some require punctuation corrections while others demand a rewrite. According to Brenner Information Group. Editors average sixty-one hours of work per book. Yes, editing is a rewording activity. Less obvious is the lack of developmental editing, which can cause a book to miss its market. In a development edit, a market-savvy editor guides an author in producing a more saleable book.

So hire an editor. Even the best writers need editors! Pacing, structure, inconsistencies - so much beyond the line edit. Brees, Ph. Why potentially shoot yourself in the foot by not having a professional edit your work? Summer Ross August 18, Anonymous August 18, Williams August 18, Helen Ginger August 18, Beverly Stowe McClure August 18,