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Scorching summer temperatures bring worst heat to south-west US in years
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Rapid urbanisation has altered the vulnerability of urban areas to heat wave disasters. There is an urgent need to identify the factors underlying the effect of heat waves on human health and the areas that are most vulnerable to heat waves.

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In this study, we plan to integrate indices associated with heat wave vulnerability based on meteorological observation data, remote sensing data and point of interest POI data; analyse the influence of urbanisation on the urban vulnerability environment; and explore the relationship between the vulnerability environment and heat-wave-related mortality.

Finally, we attempt to map the spatial distribution of high heat-wave-related mortality risk based on the results of heat wave vulnerability study and artificial society.

Statistical modeling of hot spells and heat waves

In early July, a major heat wave gripped Eastern Canada. After creating an audacious zeitgeist of hope that would be familiar in the era of Obama following the "Cross of Gold" speech, candidate Bryan chased gaffe with a dead on arrival, much-hyped speech at Madison Square Garden - where spectators initially crushed one another for seating, only to leave en masse when Bryan came across like Nixon in the televised debate. This excess water vapor in and of itself causes other issues like the heat index to soar well into the s. Jan 22, Martin Ortiz rated it liked it. The average high summer temperature of a particular day does give some information, but should be accompanied by the historical highest and lowest temperatures for that day day.

The results reveal that 1 there are differences in the influence of urbanisation on heat wave exposure, sensitivity and adaptability; 2 the exposure and sensitivity level effects on the lower limit of health impacts and the adaptability level effects on the upper limit of the health impact from heat wave in a given study area; and 3 areas vulnerable to the effects of heat waves are not confined to the city centre, which implies that residents living in suburban areas are also vulnerable to heat waves.

Finally, this study not only explores the factors contributing to the impacts of heat waves but also describes the spatial distribution of the risk of disaster-associated mortality, thereby providing direct scientific guidance that can be used by cities to address heat wave disasters in the future. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

Through a heat wave simulator, the statistical modeling of hot spells can be extended to apply to more full-fledged heat waves, which are difficult to model directly. Trends in the frequency, duration, and intensity of hot spells were fitted as well.

Arizona heat is hard on tires and it's dangerous

The heat wave simulator was used to convert any such trends into the corresponding changes in the characteristics of heat waves. By being based at least in part on extreme value theory, our proposed approach is both more realistic and more flexible than techniques heretofore applied to model hot spells and heat waves.

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