Judo Memoirs of Jigoro Kano

Jigoro Kano (1860-1938)
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The Way of Judo A Portrait of Jigoro Kano and His Students

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Judo Memoirs of Jigoro Kano

Watson also includes a nice essay of his own on the influence of judo on Japanese society. Minimal wear. Unleash the Dragon Within. Watson 1. Chinese Internal Boxing.

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Judo Memoirs Of Jigoro Kano: Early History Of Judo

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In , Kano opened his Kodokan dojo in Tokyo, where he taught jujutsu to his first class of nine students. His choice of the name 'Kodokan' symbolizes. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Brian N. Watson, born in England, is a judo 4th dan and a Judo Memoirs of Jigoro Kano by [Watson, Brian N.].

Block 2, Day 5. Mike Newton, Digital Judo Coach. The online Judo community is growing!

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Watson a frequent contributor to JudoInfo. It is expected to be available late in September and I will post a link as soon as it is. It is over pages of text translated from published notes of an interview done with Jigoro Kano in the late 's by Torahei Ochiai. This material has been available in Japanese for many years -- it was first published in a series of articles in and in the monthly Kodokan Culture Council magazine Sako, and was re-published in in Kano Jigoro Chosakushu Collected Works of Jigoro Kano volume III.

Only now you can read it in English and learn more about the founder of Judo, including his thoughts on a wide range of subjects. It has a lot of early history of both the man and the Kodokan. For example, the section Hardship Can be Good Medicine starts with "One thing difficult to comprehend for most people is that the attainment of confidence and a sense of contentment, which can result from mastery of the skills of judo, are to be achieved only after long years of strenuous practice against tough opponents.

This leaves many of us starving for whatever original information is available. Thanks to Brian N. Watson for making this available in English.

http://forum2.quizizz.com/5-postres-para-enamorar-atrvete-a-conquistar.php Watson also includes a nice essay of his own on the influence of judo on Japanese society. I enjoyed reading it and recommend it to all judoka.

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Nach oben. Der erste Eindruck ist gut. Schon das Inhaltsverzeichnis liest sich sehr spannend. Watson 1. Establishment of the Kodokan 2.

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Pain is a good Teacher 3. Kanekichi Fukushima 4. Master Masatomo Iso 5. My Study of Kito Jujutsu 6. University Days 7. Sporting Activities 8. From Jujutsu to Judo 9. The Inspiration of 'Seiryoku Zenyo' Kano's Attitude Toward Book Learning Regrets The Kodokan Oath Kosuke Shirai A Fruitless Search The Warehouse Dojo The Kami Niban-cho Dojo Educational Resposibilities The Orgin of Kano Juku School Rules New Years's Day Ceremony