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Gerhard Raab; Lucia A. New member: Dion Gosling, Brunswick Australia The former Olympian, World Cup athlete, and New Zealand Commonwealth Games hockey silver medallist established Architects to focus and specialise in the masterplanning, design, and delivery of sports-related infrastructure.

The company from Lower Saxony attaches great importance to environmental protection. Their portfolio ranges from aquatic stadia, athletic stadia, soccer stadia, to arenas.

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The new skatepark Gersthofen - A town invests in its future While in many places a renovation of the outdoor pool or a new playground is being planned, the city of Gersthofen decided to invest almost , Euro in a new skate park featuring a bowl. But why a skatepark? New member: Heath Harvey, London UK Heath has had a year career in professional sports with senior roles at Wembley Stadium, Saracens Rugby and most recently in elite cycling events. Schneestern, a German provider of action sports facilities of almost every kind, they realized the creative track design of two mirrored tracks, offering the perfect conditions to compete in competition.

The new selection contains a step-jump game in the shape of tree trunks, several cute animals, leaves and separate tree trunks.

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A surface that promotes performance, speeds recovery and reduces injury. New member: Laura Brown, Newcastle upon Tyne UK A research fellow in the department of architecture at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne Laura's professional and educational background span the disciplines of sport development, facilities, and architecture,. It ensures safety on all surfaces — even when applied for subsequent optimization.

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New member: Federesport, Bologna Italy Founded in , the Italian e-sports federation seeks to give an organised structure to a new kind of sport which is growing enormously. Polycomp Jogging Track - For a more pleasant running in urban living spaces Polycomp Jogging Track comfort floor covering feels good underfoot and is joint-friendly for the joggers and pedestrians. New IAKS member: Convic, Richmond Australia The multiple award winning Landscape Architecture and Construction firm specialise in designing and building active outdoor spaces for the Youth including wheeled sports facilities such as skateboarding, scooters, inline skating and BMX.

New member: Sommer Needlepunch, Baisieux France Sommer Needlepunch is a manufacturer of reputation for sportsfloor protection tiles. The so called Giant Tiles are a durable and easy solution to protect expensive sportsfloors The tiles create better acoustics and a warmer atmosphere. Proplay Shockpads Shock pads are an essential component as they absorb the impact when players fall on the pitch. New member: Thomas Beyer, Hamburg Germany The consultant to large sports clubs was full-time managing director of Hamburg university sport for almost 30 years, managing partner of a sports consultancy agency and director of the Hamburg Land sports department.

His focus is sustainable planning and design.

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Polytan: 50 per cent less infill granules needed The new generation of LigaGrass Synergy synthetic turf from Polytan needs a further 50 per cent less infill granules than its LigaGrass Pro CoolPlus predecessor without having to compromise on the highest standards of injury protection for players and the playing qualities of the turf. Her field of responsibility is the construction, production and maintenance of sports grounds.

She has been running her own consultancy agency with two employees since Since he has been working as a city council member in Chigasaki City in the Japanese prefecture Kanagawa.

This includes natural and artificial turf pitches as well as athletics and beach sports facilities. I was born in England and moved to Switzerland in January My typical day at work is definitely not typical.

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Hi, my name is Esteban. I am from Costa Rica. My wife and I are really passionate about health, fitness and nature. We have three dogs: a miniature Schnauzer and two Beagles. For Sequencing, it is a place where we get to establish a new foundation of making a difference through people for our patients.