Nick Klaus et le Paysage Désuet, 2 (French Edition)

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This discovery was even better than she could ever have dreamt of. She had never experienced such a delightful scent. The scent was so strong that she could barely resist the temptation to join the dozen other flies already buzzing around patches of honey at the bottom of the bottle. They all looked so happy. Drunk with happiness. I have never seen this. The fly stood still watching the bee nearing her. Here or down there, it smells so nice?

I love flying in the morning breeze and find precious flowers, and be helpful to other flying insects like us. Because you cannot get into the bottle, you want everyone else to be deprived too! I don't have to listen to you. He remained silent a good minute. The fly glances at the other flies at the bottom of the bottle and really could see nothing wrong.

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But the old bee had seeded doubt, and the fly was hesitant now. What about if the old bee was right?