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This is a shame, because it is an incredibly well-directed, relentless journey packed with such uncompromising energy that its two-plus hours soar by. Yet the audience feels every minute of tension as protagonist Jaguar Paw — a Mesoamerican tribesman — is put through a series of hellish survival scenarios to save his family.

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Relying heavily on an economy of well-chosen images, Apocalypto is a brutal and incredibly satisfying piece of filmmaking that deserves more recognition. This doozy of a premise asks us to ponder the ethicality of jailing would-be criminals based on not-yet-perpetrated crimes and, by extension, the question of fate itself. Is this system flawless or irreparably flawed? Minority Repor t is popcorn cinema bold enough to wax philosophical in these ways even as it pushes ever-forward through visual virtuosity and a pleasingly twisty storyline.

It is difficult to understate the sheer intensity with which T he Raid: Redemption hits.

Jaw-dropping not in scale but in its frenetic choreography, Gareth Evans crafts an action picture that brought the fighting style of silat to the big screen, and simultaneously put Indonesian action cinema on the map. Originally slated to make what would become The Raid 2 , Evans had to tighten his narrative lens for budgetary reasons. What emerged is lean, efficiently minimal storytelling that still manages to hint at the larger world expanded upon in the sequel which is also well worth your time, but missed the cut on this list.

Evans squeezes out pathos from protagonist Rama Iko Uwais , before events unfold in a high rise in the slums of Indonesia, where the action barely relents for its entire minute runtime.

While I tried to find more academic ways to say it, it really boils down to the fact that The Raid: Redemption is a badass cut of action cinema that will repeatedly punch you in the gut with sledgehammer ferocity. Most nightmares would make great action movies. Collateral plays like the nightmare of a Los Angeles taxi driver come to life, and the story is just the beginning of the simply and brutally efficient quality of this film.

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Jamie Foxx and a grey-dyed Tom Cruise are an amazingly mismatched pair, and each brings so much depth and consideration to their character that you can almost feel the rest of their lives existing off screen. Los Angeles has never looked more awful or more beguiling. That might explain why it took so very long to be completed, and in some part accounts for the existence of multiple versions. My advice is to stay with the longest, its original Chinese cut, but to take a look at the reconfigured American take.

In so many ways, John Wick is the ideal modern action film. First, the setup is simple: a retired gunman loses his wife. Then, a couple thugs with ties to his past steal his car…and kill his dog. Now, John Wick a pitch-perfect Keanu Reeves must don the suit he swore off to his past for the most personal job of all, revenge.

Within a razor-sharp economy of moments, John Wick offers genuine emotional weight behind all the mayhem. And what slick, beautiful mayhem it is. Lean, mean, and a one-man-wrecking-machine, John Wick is a new action icon we have been sorely missing.

Book Review: The Art of Modern Gunfighting, Volume 1 by Scott Reitz

The viewer has mere moments to chew over their surroundings before the main course kicks in. Shot with an unblinking eye, the fight choreography is slick and brutal, standing as an audacious proclamation from Soderbergh of his evolving verve in the current cinematic climate. What follows is a sleek hour-and-a-half stuffed with A-list stars and a story that is simultaneously breezily told and yet dense in its plotting.

The pleasures of watching Bourne run the game at a distance are plentiful, but it is when he gets rough and running that Ultimatum truly hits its stride. Keeping the camera rattling and whip-panning to sustain the frenetic mood, Paul Greengrass nonetheless maintains continuity of motion across myriad shots so that we can still discern the who, what, and where of each scene. There may be no more diverse director working in Hollywood today than Ang Lee.

The highest-grossing foreign-language film in America by a large margin and multiple Oscar winner earns its reputation with its thrilling grace and stunning beauty. When it comes to popcorn entertainment — a term often used synonymously with action films — Ghotocol proves to the ideal example in the 21st century, and the peak of the Mission: Impossible franchise thus far. Action movies often suffer from a problem of pacing. Mad Max: Fury Road solves this problem by being constant action, though — to use an apt metaphor — constantly running in different gears.

Even the quiet moments are at first gear, rather than neutral, and the most action-packed moments are in sixth with a nitro-boost. The practical effects, the inventive setpieces, and the Doof Warrior are all lovely additions, but its the pacing that really sets this film a cut above the rest. Sorry, Aldo Raine. For all its thrills — and there is not a single dull action sequence within the four-hour runtime, to say nothing of the fact that all are distinct from one another — Kill Bill is about as deeply felt as movies get: a bloody bacchanal that gradually reveals itself as a tale of the insane things people do in the name of love.

I dare you to find a movie that is more self-assuredly cool than Miami Vice. I dare you to find a film that is more in love with itself than Miami Vice. This movie burns with the fire that only the truly un-self-conscious can embrace, and every scene drips with style and grace. The violence is sudden and real while still managing to be thrilling and electrifying.

The soundtrack thumps, the sun shines, and the bullets fly. This is the pinnacle of action in the new millennium. Honorable Mentions. Read More. All rights reserved. Follow us on: Twitter Facebook. Filmmaker Interviews. Streaming Picks. Hanna Joe Wright When it hit theaters in , Hanna immediately distinguished itself from the annual mass of faceless action movies through sheer, idiosyncratic style.

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Dredd Pete Travis In Dredd , all that was once old and stolid becomes searingly new again. Unleashed Louis Leterrier Never count out the necessity of good character building.

Hero Zhang Yimou From action virtuoso Zhang Yimou , Hero is a fast-paced epic that represented the peak of the wuxia film stateside, following a film that spoilers! I had a pal send me your book, The Modern Day Gunslinger, from the states. You have done a great job writing this book. Everything from the way you explain clearly the lessons to the technical and tactical value found in the chapters.

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I frequent a forum called Warriortalk. I will make a thread over there suggesting your book. Even the instructors staff needs to get hands on your book IMHO to become more rounded. I have had armed confrontations in several locals including Colombia! I thought i had i was pretty squared away. Then i read The modern day gunfighter!

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Wow, just Wow!! I was blown away by the debt of the instruction, both Technical and tactical. The practical approach to gunfight instruction has me awestruck. I am planning on sending a link to thgis book to my friends in the tactical community. We all can learn something from this book! Only a fool stops learning! Its that good!!

If your serious about study and training in this art……….. Vincent Savage : Popayan , Cauca , Colombia. I just picked up a copy of The Modern Day Gunslinger. I have been a firearms instructor, both law enforcement and civilian for close to 20 years. I have taught thousands of people how to safely and properly handle and shoot all types of firearms. I have trained citizens for self defense and sport and recreation and police in the proper use of firearms both and off duty.

I have not found a manual that is as comprehensive as yours. Especially the photos. Sure there are other manuals, but they leave out a lot of material or they include irrelevant material. Have you considered publishing The Modern Day Gunslinger in a looseleaf or spiral bound format so that instructors can use it as a training manual? Perhaps you could add content and notes specifically for instructors to use in courses? I still am of the opinion that the revolver is superior for very close combat and fast drawing despite the limited firepower. When I worked, I usually carried a pistol 9-mm. Browning P35 preferred and backed it up with a revolver, usually a snub Smith. I would never carry a pistol without a secondary revolver, but I often carried a revolver without another weapon. I have recommended your book to many people as being the single best book on the subject that I have ever read.

There are few new things under the sun but your book manages to get so much valuable insight into a single text. I sincerely hope you consider further titles in the future, perhaps relating to carbines, shotguns, or whatever.

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Two other fantastic reads. As a former firearms trainer and 20 year law enforcement officer I am very pleased with this book. Well written, informative and easy to understand. Of all the books I have on the subject this is the best. A well written book for the novice or the experienced fire arms enthusiast!

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Something useful for any level of knowledge or skill. The old stuff tended to be a bit boring, but bear in mind, I have been doing this kind of thing for over fifty years. There were a few things that I had forgotten, and I did appreciate the reminder. What are my qualifications to make these comments?

As long as I have been at it, I have never had to shoot anybody. Sent a lot of them to jail however, peacefully.