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Unbeknownst to Woo-ryong, the village was actually a leper colony founded after the Chief forced the lepers from their original homes. Fleeing the Chinese, the Chief begged the lepers and shaman to allow the villagers to stay with them until the war passed. However, after being given shelter, the villagers forced the lepers and the shaman into a cave. When they later returned to the cave, they found the lepers killed and eaten by rats.

The shaman survived and prophesised a doom on the villagers and their children. In response, the Chief and villagers forced the shaman back into the cave and burnt her alive: the aggressive rats then fled the cave and infested the village. Mi-sook starts to fall in love with Woo-ryong due to his kind nature, and Young-nam starts to regard her as a motherly figure.

When Woo-ryong tries to convince Mi-sook to go with him and Young-nam to Seoul, the Chief is enraged. He threatens and beats Mi-sook, then plots with his son, Nam-soo, to renege on rewarding the Piper for getting rid of the rats.

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They convince the male villagers that Woo-ryong is really a communist spy who brought the rats with him, seduced Mi-sook, and took credit for her prayers that drove the rats away. At a village meeting, the Chief pretends to offer Woo-ryong his payment, but uses a dead cat as evidence that Woo-ryong has not rid the village of rats, and convinces the rest of the villagers that the piper is a spy.

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He holds up Woo-ryong's English note and says that it is his orders; it is revealed to the audience that the note actually says nothing more than 'kiss my ass, monkey. Fearing for her life, Mi-sook agrees that Woo-ryong is a communist spy.

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Samuel Johnson tells the tale of Prince Rasselas. The presentation of this book is wonderful, I love the cover so much. The Jangsan Tiger, who mimics human voices to lure them close, encounters a family affected by the creature. Sort order. We've emailed you instructions for claiming your free e-book. We got to meet StartWithPiper representatives and expand our knowledge of sensor technology!

As the villagers beat Woo-ryong, Mi-sook returns with a self-inflicted stab wound to the stomach. She tells the villagers that on a day without sun and a night without a moon the village's children will be at risk of death, repeating the prophecy made by the lepers' shaman just before she was burnt alive by the villagers.

Mi-sook dies from her wounds. The Chief takes Woo-ryung's pipe, but agrees to let him and Young-nam leave with a small amount of food and money. However, he puts two poisoned rice-balls in Woo-ryung's knapsack. The injured piper falls asleep while his son sneaks back to the village to retrieve his father's pipe from the Chief's house. On the way back, Young-nam eats one of the poisoned rice-balls and dies in Woo-ryung's arms. Woo-ryong sets out in search of revenge.

After burning his son's body on a funeral pyre that makes so much smoke it blocks out the sun, he covers himself in the special powder he used earlier to attract the rats and reopens the cave. The ending reiterates this moral of honoring promises with a skin-crawling scene of children, who represent the future generation, blindly following the leadership of an untrustworthy adult. While visual and special effects are top drawer, sets and overall production quality veer toward the look of an independent film.

The flute music is an intriguing blend of medieval and Korean folk rhythms. Running time: MIN.

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Original title: "Son-nim". International sales: CJ Entertainment, Seoul.

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Executive producer, Jeong Tae-sung. Crew : Directed, written by Kim Gwang-tae.

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Alternate Versions. Rate This. Shortly after the Korean war, a father and a son are wandering through the country and make a stop in a remote village, where strange and dangerous happenings occur. Director: Kim Kwang-tae.

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Writer: Kim Kwang-tae. IMDb's Guide to Horror.

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